Who are we

Create in 1903 in the form of association law 1901, its vocation of origin was the gymnastics decorated with a clique. 

It is in 1921 when she evolves towards the harmony orchestra under the influence of Reverend Père LAFRA, Jesuit father passionate about music.

Secondary activities develop such as the theater, the patronages and the summer camps. Father LAFRA creates also a cinema, within his head office in the low district of the city, which will remain to the 70s.

After the second world conflict, the harmony and the school develop to the detriment of the other activities which will then be abandoned.

Essential purpose of the Alert was always and still stays the education popular of the music without distinction of social class, which allows in the most disadvantaged to reach the courts and in the practice of the instrument of their choice.

Finally, we can say that the sustainability of the Alert was assured thanks to the preservation of a spirit of friendship and charity breathed by Reverend Père LAFRA and pursued by his convinced successors whose agents they were.

Here is a selection of former postcards redrawing these various activities: gallery of cards

For more details on the history of our association you can consult this document: History association

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