Since 2012     Alexandre PEYROL

Soaking in a musical universe, it is quite naturally that he will go to the piano from the age of five years. He widens his horizon by beginning the oboe a few years later. He will study these two instruments until the levels superior to the Academy of Marseille where he will obtain his 1st price at the age of 18. He chooses to pursue his career with the Oboe and studies in various Academies of the Paris region. He develops his artistic and musical language with the biggest French soloists (Jacques Tys, J.L Cappezzali, J.C Jaboulay ...). After several starting prices, he closes his academic cycle by the hogeschool of Rotterdam with the international soloist Emmanuel Abbhül. He picks up his first prize of concert performer there. Enthusiast of chamber music, he participates in several sets, of which the Set Philidor with which he registers several CD. He is at present a member of the Set FA7, the purpose of which is to promote the music comtemporaine with any youngs, as well in France as abroad. After diverse passages in the Parisian orchestras, he integrates at the post of Solo Oboe both main trainings of Troyes in 2001, which are the Harmony orchestra and the Symphony orchestra of the Aube. He completes his activity by the education in two academies of the Paris region (Chelles and Bagneux).

2008-2012        Gilles HERBILLON

Teaching since the age of 18 years, Gilles HERBILLON possesses serious educational references, because holder of the THAT of trumpet and the THAT of chamber music, since 1990. Having been a professor of trumpet in the ENM of Roubaix (1990-1993) and chamber music in the ENM of Tourcoing (1991-1993), it teaches at present, in the ENM of Troyes, the trumpet, the chamber music and the orchestra. Holder of the Vocational Certificates of Trumpet, Music of room and Director, he belongs since Guiding 1993 of the Academy to departmental brilliance "Marcel Landowski" of Troyes. He serves his pupils, the professors and the trainings of amateur or professional musicians with the same enthusiasm and the most attractive attentions, those of the division and the emotion. Composer, He is the author of numerous orchestral works (Symphony orchestra, Harmony orchestra, complexes of brass instruments}, of chamber music and operatic works, as well as of educational collections for amateur orchestras or students. II has just ended his first concerto for trumpet and harmony orchestra, which will be created in Fraize (Vosges) on May 22nd, 2010. Since September, 2008, retying with his musical origins within a musical company amateur, Gilles HERBILLON takes the musical direction of the harmony orchestra of the Alert where he succéde to Ferdinand KOCH and Jean-Guy BRAUX. Being called to take the direction of the CNR of Reims, it is Alexandre PEYROL who is going to manage us from now on.

2001-2008        Jean-Guy BRAUX

His basic training having been made for the Alert, he continues his studies in the CND of Troyes then in the CNR of Reims where he obtains numerous rewards:
    - Golden medal of direction in the class of Ferdinand KOCH,
    - Golden medal of Music group,
    - Summa cum laude in chamber music level certificate of the end of musical studies,
    - Summa cum laude in French horn level certificate of the end of musical studies,
    - Magna cum laude in history of the music level certificate of the end of musical studies).
Then in 2002, Diploma of State of Direction of set of wind instruments to the academy of Limoges (87) and Brive the Strapping girl. In 2006, summa cum laude unanimously of writing level vocational guidance (CEPI) to the academy with departmental brilliance of TROYES and in 2007 Awards a diploma from State of Music group to the academy of Valencia.

He manages at the same time numerous music and vocal groups. From 1996 till 2001 the junior harmony orchestra of the CRR of Reims, from 1998 till 2001 the harmony orchestra of the academy with municipal brilliance of Laon (02), from 2001 till 2008 the harmony orchestra of the Alert, from 2007 till 2008 the symphony orchestra of the academy of Troyes, from 2004 till 2008 the junior harmony orchestra in the CRD of Troyes, from 2003 till 2008 the choir "the voices Caillotines" to Innocent maidens. It is with regrets that he leaves us in 2008 to take the Direction of the music school and the orchestra of Saint-Gervais.

2000-2001 Ferdinand KOCH

Ferdinand KOCH obtains several music prices in the National Academies of Region of Metz and Rouen, in particular in decoding, clarinet, direction of orchestra and chamber music. He was afterward a music director of the instrumental ensemble of Troyes, invited leader of the music of the Air of Paris and Bordeaux. He also managed the symphony orchestras of Caracas and Barquisimeto and the wind orchestra of Barquisimeto in Venezuela. His experience is very diversified by its activity of trainer, conductor, assistant director as well as mission officials as member of jury of orchestra then clarinettist to the symphony orchestra and to the theater of Metz, managed by Michel PLASSON When Ferdinand agreed to resume the direction of the harmony, the musical level of this one was at the lowest. Professor of direction and Assistant director of the National Academy of Region of Reims, he began to make work us the correctness and the tone of the set. It is thanks to him largely if our level improved. He also knew by leaving with us to share us of the talent of one of his pupils in the person of Jean-Guy BRAUX.

1999-1999        Pascal BENARD
1993-1999        Bertrand BERNAUDAT
1986-1998        Pascal HOUARD
1977-1992        Jean-Marie HUCHARD
1974-1986        Roger LEHNER

1972-1974        Emile LOGE

Emile enters the patronage of the Alert in 1918. From the creation of the harmony by father LAFRA, he learns the clarinet. As passionate as his brother Jean, he shows himself very fast excellent musician and becomes a soloist and a professor within the school. 
In 1945, he succeeds Ernest REINLE in the presidency of the association. He will also chair the Musical Federation the Aube Haute-Marne up to his death.
In the disappearance of his brother Jean, in 1972, he takes the direction of the Alert. Finally, he will collaborate, during many years, with the newspaper the Lightning East; as musical criticism. 
He dies suddenly in May, 1974, leaving the memory of a talented man and cultivated, which known how to carry top the colors of the Alert.

1946-1972 Jean LOGE

The one that all the young people of the Alert called "Mr JEAN", is born on August 20th, 1912, in 12 of the street Linard Gonthier, at the same time noble and popular side street, what it was quite its life.
This kind young imp of the low district, prints at the same time of kindness and of mockery, enters 1918, at the age of 6 the years and half, in the Alert, that he will not leave any more.
In 1920, he begins the music theory with Father LAFRA. He presents a surprising arrangement for the music, and at the age of ten, he reads his partitions with such an ease as he receives his instrument, the cornet. He will exchange him in 17 years for the bass, which he plays excellently. 
Besides the numerous lessons that he gives every week in pupils, he works every evening his music, lasting 3 hours, intensifies his studies with the correspondence courses of the Universal School, in particular the science of the Harmony.

1921-1946        Révérend Père LAFRA

There very few Trojans who have known the immense social work accomplished, his life, by the Reverend Father LAFRA, of the society of Jesus.
Born August 22, 1870 in Anzin, it will devote its 94 years of life which 76 of religious life in the service of others, becoming physician to treat, cure and accompany patients to the area below and elsewhere.
Appointed to Troyes in 1919, he took over from the father of Nicolaÿ within the alert, at the time gymnastics society, and therefore will take in hand the destiny of youth, infusing them with the spirit of good fellowship, good behaviour and good character.
It quickly creates holiday camps, a theatre troupe and a cinema that will be glorious years. Stated for the music, it taste same clarinetist of talent, led him to found in 1927 a harmony because he said, the music is a stepping stone to do good. . He conducts himself the Orchestra with a large requirement and transmits his passion to the group.

Play together, play fair, play with your heart and your soul.
Ask your notes as a bird landed on the branch
Melt your sounds like drops of water in the ocean.
Concerts, tours are multiplying in Rouen, at Malo les Bains, in Alsace, at the Luxembourg, winning several 1st prize.
From 1946, yielded little by little the leadership to his pupil Jean Lodge, while remaining very present within the association, continuing to treat the bodies and souls, and visiting the sick until the end of his life, which earned him to be called Mr. VINCENT of the low areas. He received the Legion of honour, and he agreed with indifference, or even with some reluctance. He died at the Hospital of les Hauts Clos, 21 December 1965. His work earned him and still earned him enduring feelings of recognition and be kept of this humanist image of a man a solid moral, a great charity and a generous temperament.