A bit of history...

The alert this year celebrates a century of existence.
Created in 1903 as an association law 1901, vocation of origin was embellished with gymnastics of a clique
It was in 1921 that it evolves towards the Orchestra of harmony under the influence of the Reverend Father LAFRA, passionate Jesuit father of music.

Related activities develop such as the theatre, sponsorships and holiday camps. Fr. LAFRA also creates a cinema, within its headquarters in the low area of the city, which will remain until in the 1970s.

After the second world war, the harmony and the school grow at the expense of other activities that will then be abandoned.

The essential purpose of the alert has always been and still remains popular music without distinction of social class, education which helps the most disadvantaged access to the course and the practice of the instrument of their choice.

Finally, we can say that the sustainability of the alert has been assured through the maintenance of a spirit of friendship and charity instilled by RP LAFRA and continued by his successors convinced they were the depositaries.

Centennial plate


Exhibition in the rehearsal room 23 rue Harkins in Troyes.
Audiovisual mounting commented by Dominique Roy,
(Alert chaplain and Director of the Diocesan Art, Culture & spirituality)

Travelling exhibition on panels.

Musical events

Sunday no793 at 3.30 p.m. : concert at the Théâtre de Champagne. The programme of this concert: SAXTORY by Jérôme NAULAIS by the SAXALERENDO Quartet and the funeral Symphony and triumphal by Hector Berlioz with Olivier RENAULT as a soloist on trombone.

Saturday, April 5, 2003 at 8: 30 pm : the Church of St Martin of Romilly sur Seine

Sunday, April 27 at 11: : solemn mass in the Cathedral.

Saturday, May 17 at 16 h : battery Fanfare of Laon Forum of the City Hall of Troyes and a20h30 at the booth of the rock garden.

Sunday, June 15 at 8: 30 pm : concert at the St Nicolas Church the Festival of Art, Culture & spirituality.

Sunday, November 23 at 11 h : Ste Cécile mass at the Saint Nizier Church and at 4 p.m. concert at the Town Hall of Troyes